Natural wood beard comb


Thanks to its material, this natural wood comb will discipline your hairs without attacking them. 

With its two rows of teeth, it is perfect for all beards: small three-day beard, mustache or a full beard! At work, traveling or in the gym, slip it in your pocket, take it everywhere!

This comb is in natural wood

Helps in the uniform application of your care and the daily maintenance of your beard. Its dimensions and material are perfect for taking it everywhere! At work, on the road or in the gym, slip it in your pocket!


10cm × 5.8cm

Our little tip

To speed up the growth of your beard: 

  1. Do regular massages at vegetal oils for example hemp oil, Castor oil, moringa oil,… Which also activate the shoot.

  2. Comb your beard regularly: by stimulating the hair at the root, you also accelerate the growth of your beard.

  3. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your beard oil, in addition to smelling fresh mint, it strengthens, protects your beard, and promotes growth.

Opt for an artisanal, natural and ecological treatment!

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