Pure Nigella Oil

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Extracted from black cumin seeds, Nigella oil contributes to the well-being of the skin and scalp. Anti fall, she gives back volume and shine with brittle hair. Nigella oil helps the skin to retain its elasticity and flexibility. In addition, it protects skin tissue and regenerates your skin naturally ... Thus, it helps reduce old scars or even crevices.

This oil is produced in a artisanal in Morocco.

0% perfume, 0% silicone, 0 additives, 0 chemicals, 100% natural.



"The miracle oil".




Culture : Sustainable agriculture

Ingredients : Nigella sativa *

Plant part : ripe cumin seeds

Obtaining process : cold pressure extraction

Quality : 100% natural Extra virgin oil

Native country : Morocco

Properties, Benefits, Uses

Rich in carotenes and vitamins, black seed oil is ideal for fighting against imperfections.
It nourishes, heals and regenerates both skin and hair.

 Fight against hair loss: Nigella oil will help you maintain your hair. Indeed, its many anti-oxidants make it possible to limit aging capillary fortifiant every fiber.

At the same time she promotes regrowth hair by adding density.

It nourishes dry or damaged hair, fighting against hair loss and breakage, and tones the hair fiber.

Hair grows stronger, longer dense and more shiny.

 Cared for : Thanks to its many components, Nigella helps fight against skin problems

Nigella Oil helps fight acne and excess sebum and soothes eczema.

It also helps to preserve elasticity of the skin while reducing old scars and wrinkles.

Repairs: Black seed oil helps soothe the skin after a sunburn or a burn.

Softens: Emollient, it softens the skin, limits its loss of water and prevents dehydration and drying out.


Our engagement

SoNelia is committed to Fair trade in the four corners of the world, this wonderful black seed oil comes to us from Morocco.
Nigella oil SoNelia is handcrafted in accordance with our values.

This production involves a certain stake for the women of the province of Chtouka in Morocco. Women have the opportunity to have decent work and pay appropriate for their work. In addition, we promote their know-how and skills in a rapidly developing society; the solidarity and social economy. We are committed to bringing women together for a better female condition.

This is how your purchase contributes to the professional as well as the personal development of these women and we thank you!



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